Good question!  All of the book talk content is protected by a membership system.  Most all of my videos are installed on Vimeo and are only available on the site.  Access to a series of book talks depends upon the type of plan selected.

E-Z Unlimited Plan 
This plan provides your group with the following:

  • your own unique website (with name, logo or picture on homepage as requested)
  • 90-days or more of unlimited 24/7 access from any device connected to the Internet
  • unlimited number of users during the subscription period
  • no need to login – simply click and go

Flexible Plan (only pay for what you need) – 30 Days
NOTE: Requires users to login to access book talks

Fixed Plan Options based on # of users
Requires users to login to access book talks

In the Flexible and Fixed plans, whenever your group subscribes the administrator (whoever signed up for the account) will receive an email with details.  Then the administrator may add users manually, or simply share a unique URL either by email, or via the web.  If this latter option is used, individual users may setup their own access.

Users will provide the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

All of this information is private and will not be shared or sold by Amazing Book Talks or Steve Somers.  Account administrators will be able to track the number of users under their subscription at all times.