All the Amazing Book Talks are comprised of the following elements:

  • video (storytelling, magic, and/or puppet) routine performed in the studio by Steve
  • several sets fun activity sheets related to the session that you can download and share
  • a “how to” video teaching the secret behind a magic trick you can do at home
  • a series of related online resources (videos, games, puzzles, crafts, etc.)
  • a list of related books you may want to read

The actual time for the primary video will vary in length but most will average about 7-10 minutes.
The fun activity sheets are divided into four sections:  coloring, building, observing and learning.  The sheets can provide typical students with 30-60 minutes of activity.
The “how to” video is usually 1-2 minutes long but also includes a downloadable instruction sheet with puzzles and games which may take 10-15 minutes.
The online resources can provide unlimited time, but parents should monitor this use of the Internet.